Design custom promotion workflows to solve the travel industry’s toughest marketing challenges.

In today's competitive travel industry, like booking sites, travel platforms, airlines, and car rentals, companies have to respond rapidly to achieve competitive advantages.

The Talon.One Promotion Engine enables travel services to respond to customer needs with personal promotions in real-time.


A Promotion API for any travel platform

Dynamic API-based solution

Configure travel-specific conditions in your promotions like destination, class, or distance and dynamically promote the most relevant offers.

Personalized promotions

Feed custom data in real-time through the Promotion API to build campaign workflows that trigger highly personalized promotions.

Seamless 3rd-party integrations

Integrate any 3rd-party service as a data source (like miles and more data) or as external effect (emails, payments, etc.) through the API.

Track success

Measure the success of your promotional campaigns with detailed dashboards or feed data from the Talon.One API into your BI system.

Travel service promotional campaign ideas

Weather-sensitive coupon.

Get a 10% discount if the coupon code is valid and customers book flights to sunny destinations from rainy departure cities.

Entered coupon code is valid
Arrival city's weather is
Integrate weather data via the API and use them as custom attributes
Departure city's weather is
Integrate weather data via the API and use them as custom attributes
& item(s)
Set a of

Discount depending on free capacity.

10% off when flight has still 100 or less open seats and customers book in the last 12 hours before departure time.

& flight(s) in cart has &
Departure time count &
Set a of
Discount tied to

Loyal customer upgrade.

Upgrade customers to the first class on their next flight if they book the 10th time the same route.

Route ID(s)
Set a customer upgrade to

Share your miles with friends.

Refer friends and get 50% off their travel distance in first order as a credit. Friends get a 20% discount on their first purchase.

Customer segment is
Customer segment is
Referral link is valid
Referral link is valid
Set a of
Set a of
Send to advocate with of
Miles tied to

Powered by the Talon.One Promotion Engine

One simple integration is the gateway to solving your specific coupon, discount, loyalty, referral, and product bundling challenges -
all in one Promotion Engine.

Data integration and API usage

Whether you have a shop, CRM, or custom-built system, integrate data from any source via the API into the Promotion Engine. You can even automate campaigns using the API without using our UI.

Rule validation

Our Promotion Engine evaluates the campaign criteria defined in your rules, like if a customer makes a purchase or successful referral, then executes effects like sending a discount or rejecting a coupon.


The Promotion Engine will apply any type of custom effect, like adding loyalty points to a customer profile or a discount to the shopping cart value. Implement webhooks to trigger external effects like sending a coupon code from your email provider.

Analytics and optimization

Analyze your campaign performance in real-time. Track customer behaviour and event logs to build insights and take action. Our Promotion Engine performs logical checks and sends automatic alerts when fraudulent activity is detected.

Optimize your travel platform with customized promotions

From Airlines to hotel booking engines and car rentals, the travel industry is fiercely competitive and requires an agile promotion strategy.

Use the Talon.One API to integrate your data like customer segments, travel-specific attributes (destination, travel class, flight distance) and other custom user events (“User X booked a one way flight to Sydney in Booking Class U“).

Travel Integration Guide

Examples of attributes

Flight details

Car rentals

Train reservation

Hotel bookings

Customer profiles

Device info

Travel industry success story

"Talon.One helps us cut through the competition and develop engaging customer relationships by delivering the most relevant rewards."

Promotional cost
Promotional revenue
Hotel website

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