Careers at Talon.One

We’re a place where passionate people with diverse backgrounds come together to solve problems, work as a team and build the most sophisticated promotional API.

Employees illustration
26 is the total number of Employees
Women illustration
24% of the team are Women
Developers illustration
14/26 are Developers
Calendar illustration
30.8 is the Average age
Nationalities illustration
16 different Nationalities
Dog illustration
1 lovely Dog

Getting started at Talon.One

TV tower, laptop and a person

New to the country?

Whether you need a work permit, residence permit or support with a Visa application, we will help you survive German bureaucracy (it gives us a headache, too).

New to the city?

We’ll make sure that you have a good start and quickly see why Berlin is our favorite city. We will support you in flat hunting, registration, bank accounts, etc.

Onboarding sessions

During your first week, we’ll schedule personal onboarding sessions to help you fully understand our product, the departments, and the philosophy of Talon.One.


Your personal mentor will be there to answer all your important questions (like where is the best falafel?) and share personal pro tips for succeeding at Talon.One.

The Talon.One office

Our office is located in the center of Kreuzberg, Berlin

Location, Location, Location

Berlin is the perfect city (our favorite!), it stands for an open-minded spirit, a thriving arts scene, and an affordable European lifestyle.

Lounge and kitchen

Use the lounge for workshops or relax on the couch with a console game or a quick siesta. Brew great coffee or cook together with employees in the well-stocked kitchen.

Two roof terraces

We love to use our terraces for BBQs, or to hang out and enjoy the sun. Chill in our hanging chair, play fetch with Bobby (our office dog) or enjoy lunch with team members at the picnic table.

Fresh fruits, snacks and drinks

Grab some healthy fresh fruits, a snack from the (not so healthy) snackbox and choose your favorite form of caffeination like coffee, tea or Mate. And, of course, water and juice (and beer...) are always available.

Folks working at their desks
Meeting in the lounge

Perks of working at Talon.One

Desk, computers and a calendar

Get the latest equipment

Choose between a MacBook Pro or a ThinkPad. Get a high quality external monitor, laptop stand keyboard, mouse and more.

Flexible working hours

We know, productive hours are different for everybody. Need to finish that big Talon.One project in total silence? Stay at home and work remotely.

Productive working environment

Get your ergonomic office chair and a high quality desk in a productive and calm working environment.

Team events at Talon.One

We like all types of social activities and encourage a variety of external meetups.

Team photo at Go-Kart

Team events

We frequently do team events like go-kart or paintball. Join our next session!

People meeting in the lounge

Meetups and get togethers

We host interesting meetups like „Women Who Go“ and other community events.

BBQ on the terrace

Breakfast and BBQ

Regularly, employees cook their favorite dishes for the entire company. Will you be the next?

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